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The ideal partner to count on
The ideal partner to count on
  • We are proud of our partnership with El Delta Electronic Systems as we achieved many considerable successes pending a short period of time. It uses the latest and most secured technologies to provide citizens with electronic services. El Delta is distinguished by its high technical experience as well as it's keeping up with recent quality and security stan
Eng. Adel hammed
Chairman of Telecom Egypt
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Electronic Payments
Electronic Payments

The electronic collection step is part of the State's plan to reduce cash payments and rely on electronic payment as part of its plan for financial inclusion.

The government facilitated e-payment by announcing the availability of free prepaid cards for a period of six months, beginning May 1, which can be used to pay government receivables.

The Ministry of Finance said in a statement on Sunday that these free cards will be available through the banks of Al Ahly Egypt, Egypt, Cairo, Egypt and the Egyptian agricultural and commercial, to make it available as a means of electronic payment.

The government also allows the payment of fees and services through electronic payment companies such as instant, security and banking, or through electronic wallets via mobile or by mail.

What is the warranty period offered on the equipment?

The warranty period varies depending on each unit.
Some equipment has a one-year warranty, some of which have a warranty period of up to 10 years.